About Us


The Hobby That Simply Went Mad !

Since I was very young, I have had a keen interest in military history, collecting old war memorabilia and weaponry. I was absolutely enthralled by the stories of these items and eventually I had enough to begin a museum. I decided to follow my passion and found the Irish Military War Museum. I hope you enjoy your time here and love learning about history as much as I do. We started the museum in 2014 and now have a collection of over 400 Uniforms, 15,000sq ft of exhibition space where we show off our collection of 40 armoured vehicles and motorcycles.

Meeting people and sharing the stories about where these items came from is all part of the experience and it is the reason we love this venture so much. Fergus, Gavin and I love swapping stories with our visitors. We hear so many stories from people about their loved ones – who may have been part of the these conflicts and these become part of our story. We pride ourselves in how relaxed and enjoyable an afternoon at the museum can be. It is truly a unique experience.

We look forward to meeting you!


PreBooked Tours for Groups of 10 or More